Interpretation Service

Our Interpretation services cover any sector, service, content and audience.

  • Over the phone interpretation

    Over the phone interpreting for ranslation Service by native-speaking interpreters

  • Video Interpreting

    Hvideo remote interpreting (VRI) empowers you to provide outstanding service and exceptional care, on-demand

  • Sight Interpreting

    Sight translation is ideal for written or oral multilingual communication

What type of Interpretation service do you need?

Our interpreters can cover a range of situations, each appropriate for different environments and circumstances. We can advise which approach is best for you, including.

What type of interpreting do you need?

Over the phone interpretation

When there is a need for people who are geographically dispersed simply interpreting over the phone could help to convey the message. Mostly it is used in public services. Telephone interpreters are trained to manage with the remote communication. Use of this form of interpreting is mostly in emergencies that are not scheduled in advance, when the costumer prefer to stay anonymous, when the time of the conversation is short or the deadlines are tight. So both linguistics and personal discipline is required for a interpreter.

Our translation technology suite SmartMATE could also help to lower costs further. The easiest way to obtain a quote is to fill in the form below, and one of our localisation experts will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail and provide an accurate price.

Video interpretation

Comparing to traditional over the phone interpreting, this helps people interact more personally. The visual support in this method increases the accuracy of translation. Seeing the facial expressions and making sure the message has been understood by two parties boost the quality of translation.

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